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At Texaa, colour counts! So, when we completely renew the range of colours for our Aeria fabric that is the hallmark covering for all our products, it involves a process that mobilises our whole business from the workshop in the Bordeaux area right through to our people in the field.

For some people, Texaa is all about colour. Not that they are forgetting the technical and acoustic sides of our products, but they like the fact that these qualities are made available with products that are covered in our Aeria fabric, which is appealing in appearance and feel in all its different colours.

Texaa is not fashion conscious at all, but nevertheless in touch with trends. It makes a point of renewing its colour range every four or five years, not just by adding colours or removing others, but by starting from scratch each time to create an organised palette that inspires designers and responds to their needs. Since 2005, this job has been entrusted to Christine Bernos, an architect and colourist. The rational order that she builds into a colour range does not rule out the inevitable relativity in our sensations and perceptions, influenced by flavours, colours, textures, aromas and sounds, whatever the environment they are associated with. This sense-aware approach meets the built world of architects, where materials, volumes, surfaces and the use to which places are put are the main centres of concern. Designing a new colour range puts all these factors into play.

Thirty colours were selected for this new range. Noticing that grey is often chosen, the colourist designed a palette based on the most frequently employed building materials. Wood, glass, metal and stone inspired her to seek gentle, muted tones. Four basic clear-cut colours – yellow, green, red and blue – were associated with a selection of eight shades of grey, ranging from the warmest to the coldest and expressed in dark, medium or light tones. The result is a subtle gradation that allows the colours to slowly emerge as we take time to look at them.

What’s new in the new range are the heathered fabrics. These combinations of two different-coloured yarns, hardly noticeable to the naked eye, were initially intended to cover the accessories in the Abso family of Cushions, Pads, Cones, Cubes and Totems, because their covers are knitted using yarns chosen for their good fire-resistance properties. Having seen the results achieved and the first responses from customers, the idea was extended to all Texaa solutions that are covered with Maille Ronde Aeria fabric. The four heathered shades vary from the lightest grey – their principal colour – to the darkest anthracite, making the accessories visually discrete. Their actual shapes are effaced by their elegant, vibrant fabric covers.


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What about your projects?

As we introduce our new colours, we are especially keen to support you with your projects and help you anticipate the best choices, depending on whether they are due to be realised in the short- or mid-term.


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