Blinds for architecture



Texaa’s new generation blinds are a unique architectural feature amongst the range of acoustic solutions that offer an unusual combination of light excluding, thermal and acoustic properties.


Texaa new generation blinds are stylish and thick, and block out practically all light. Engineers and consultants worked hard to achieve unusually high specifications, while designing a new product with a considerably lower environmental impact. Like Texaa’s Vibrasto acoustic cladding, whose components were modified in 2018, the new generation blinds now implement absorbent wadding, 90% of which is made from recycled materials.

Texaa blinds have a modern high-quality finish, they are robust and made to last, and the complete product is classified as fire-resistant. Furthermore they are remarkably easy to install.

Comfort & managing space

Hung in front of glazing, Texaa blinds absorb acoustic resonance at the same time as they provide shade from light. They also significantly reduce the build-up of heat and are an ideal solution for a south-facing office.

The blinds’ specifications also meet requirements for creating sub-spaces within larger areas and can be used as non-solid partitions or divisions that can be turned open or closed.

European patent

Is innovation a long quiet river? More like an epic adventure with unforeseen episodes and some great satisfaction along the way: the blinds were enthusiastically acknowledged when they were previewed at the Architect@Work show in Paris at the end of September 2019. And we were delighted by the serendipitous happy ending of an unexpected thermal performance.

The blinds’ light blocking properties are outstanding. This is because the vanes are perfectly opaque, but also because when they are closed, there are no chinks at the top or bottom to allow in any light. The blinds can be installed very close to the floor, because the vanes do not stretch over time, but more importantly a unique fixing tab inserted in the thickness at the top of each vane makes it possible to reduce the space between vane and rail, quite unlike any other standard blind system. This fixing system and the manner in which the wadding is laminated to the Aeria fabric is protected in a European patent.


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