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Maille Ronde (MR)
All colours are available for our Stereo, Vibrasto, Strato, Blinds and Curtains solutions. Special colour schemes are available on request.
The colours applicable to our Abso accessories are marked with an (A).

Grande Maille Ronde (GMR)
Available for Stereo and Strato solutions. Special colours are available on request.

Aeria is a Texaa hallmark: it is the fabric that covers all its products.

It is knitted using a patented process and is sound-transparent, run resistant and extremely fire resistant.

It decorates and protects mainly acoustic technical systems that are to be positioned within volumes to ensure architectural functions.

It is available in two knit sizes and a new range of 30 colours available from April 2020.


Christine Bernos is an architect and colourist. In collaboration with the Texaa team, she has invented the Aeria range of colours since 2005.


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2020 : How we renew the range of colours ?


At Texaa, colour counts! So, when we completely renew the range of colours for our Aeria fabric that is the hallmark covering for all our products, it involves a process that mobilises our whole business from the workshop in the Bordeaux area right through to our people in the field.


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