Interview with David


_In a restaurant,
it’s great when you can hear yourself speak!

by Texaa®

Interview with David,owner of the Le Bistrot 31 restaurant
in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

“The customers used to complain about the noise, especially for evening meals. During lunches, people don’t speak so loudly and the sound resonates less. At dinner, people are less inhibited and the noise level goes up. When I was taking orders, I had to move my head in close to hear properly. Too many people in a confined space and hard surfaces everywhere! It was extremely tiring for the waiters and even more so for the customers, who had come to our place to relax.

All the solutions I was offered involved substantial work and we would have needed to close for 10 days. The whole ceiling needed to be refurbished! So, between 15 and 20,000 Euros for the work, plus closing the restaurant for ten days at 5,000 per day. The total bill was going to be about 70,000 Euros. Too much, just for people to feel better, and even if they did, it wouldn’t have brought us more business. I just wanted to continue to have a full house and make my customers feel extra comfortable. I had a friend, who went into a restaurant and saw a “Texaa” solution. I made a call and you came. Great contact!

We started off looking at fixing red panels high over the room, but in the end the sales guy advised me to have black Vibrasto fabric stretched over the ceiling.  He was dead right! It makes the restaurant way more private, it gives the place a feel of opulence, it makes it cosier, more comfortable, so much nicer. And it changed everything as far as the noise is concerned. It’s amazing how little thickness it in fact takes up. It’s not at all overwhelming and it’s incredibly effective! The customers noticed it immediately. It’s almost like going into a high-class restaurant!

Of course, ease of installation is crucial for a restaurant owner. The work was done quickly with absolutely no mess and very cheaply in just three mornings. The Texaa sales rep and the installer arrived at 6.0 a.m. and left at 11.0. I didn’t even see them! We could serve lunch, no problem.

After this experience with Texaa, today I pay attention to sound levels. Some restaurants, you walk in and you hear the noise and if you have to stay in that environment for an hour, there’s no way lunch can be relaxing. I think a lot of restaurant owners would be interested in being introduced to you! Because you not only have an outstanding product, the way you do business is first class too.”