Abso Cones

Acoustic accessories

Abso Cones are a fun way to add structure to spaces, either with a precise layout or grouped in bouquets. They add interest to volumes and suit all types of ceilings.

Suspended on a single vertical cable, they are a valuable complement in situations where reverberation is sometimes tricky to reduce.

Characteristics of Abso Cones

• Grey AP cellular foam
• Cover made of sound-transparent Aeria fabric
• Steel hoop

Acoustic performance
Equivalent absorption area A (m²) at mid-range frequencies
• 500 Cone: 0.55 m²
• 1,900 Cone: 2.44 m²

Durability of the aeria fabric cover
• Run-resistant
• 330 g/m²
• Protection against soiling:
– Hydro/Oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
– Electrostatic properties 7 x 1010 Ω (EN 1149-1)

Reaction to fire classification
B-s1, d0 for for the Aeria fabric cover
C-s3, d0 for the sound absorber

Vacuum cleaning, may be taken apart and refitted.

Environmental characteristics
• Abso accessories meet the requirements specified in the HQE, LEED and BREEAM (2 points) reference documents and methods, based on:
– their acoustic contribution
– their very low emissions of VOC and formaldehyde
• All Texaa products qualify for French “A+” health labelling and are classed as “conforming” after assessment using the German AgBB protocol.

Guarantee 10 years

• Each Cone is suspended using a ring (500 Cones) or a powder-coated steel hoop (1,900 Cones) and galvanised steel cables (diameter 1.5 mm, length 1,000 mm), fitted with a threaded end-piece (M6) and an adjustable latch-eye hook.

Installation systems


Select from the 5 colours in the Maille Ronde (MR) palette available for the Abso range.

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