Abso acoustic accessories

Texaa® has designed a range of objects which may be introduced with the utmost simplicity into any given space, as a means of improving the acoustic comfort of those who live and work within.
Our new range of acoustic accessories has been completely reworked and now offers new designs* and new objects, including cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes, ceiling pads, cones, cubes and totems.
Abso objects are not only light, durable and extremely good at absorbing sound reverberation, they are also easy to move around or rearrange as required, providing an immediate solution to acoustic problems.
They are flexible and fun, particularly easy to position and may be used to address the question of sound comfort
a posteriori, without necessitating complex building work.
Rhythms, lines and playful compositions – their shapes and colours may be used in creative combination… They are a breath of fresh air.

*Guillaume Martin and Michaël Damen, www.iwoodlove.com