Adaptation and customisation

Texaa is set up to meet the needs of designers according to how important the impact of sound reverberation is going to be on their project. The extent of customisation can be varied to suit expectations. The breadth of the Texaa range of solutions and their respective options enable most needs to be met. A further selection of possibilities for certain product families listed
as “special solutions” have already been implemented and can be delivered under controlled schedules. Finally, Texaa can also produce bespoke solutions that require an initial study to be carried out.

The range and its options

With its shapes, colours and options, the range offers a full complement of solutions that combine together in perfect harmony and cover all the types of needs identified.

The technical data sheets provide all key information, especially sizes and performance.

This information is perfectly adequate to facilitate drafting a request for quotation. The response given by the person in charge, rapidly provides prices, conditions and delivery times, between three and five weeks.

Embroidery option

Adjustable dimension option

Optional recesses

Special solutions

With special solutions, product customisation can be taken a little further beyond what the range normally offers, as demonstrated by the possibilities cited in each product’s technical data sheet, depending on the needs expressed.

These are variants that have already been successfully used previously and are perfectly under control. They can be easily priced by the person in charge and delivered in a four- to eight-week timeframe.

Overlapping Stereo panels.

Stereo panels installed as a canopy.

The Grain de Riz (rice grain) knit pattern catches the light in such a way as to highlight the fabric appearance of Vibrasto.

Bespoke projects

The attraction of a good challenge for Texaa’s teams and its substantially craft-based production model, makes Texaa hungry and capable to work on distinctive one-off projects, whose specifications are not met by products from the range or its special solutions.

These projects are run in quality-focussed partnerships with designers and acousticians, as genuine R&D ventures to be implemented in real situations.

All needs, or practically all, can be met: customised frame shapes, special colours or specific combinations of sound-absorbing materials.

All that is required is to discuss the specific needs, spend the time and devote the work necessary.

Creating three-dimensional faces
KineMAX cinema at Futuroscope outside Poitiers

Stretch-fitted Aeria and Vibrasto to combine transparent and opaque effects, and form three-dimensional faces that come to life with light and sound systems.
The complex, seemingly random design used 1,500 m² (over 16,000 sq ft) of Aeria fabric that enclosed all technical networks: ventilation, loudspeakers and a total of 200 m (650 feet) of coloured LED tubes. Steel U-rails were adapted to build the structure on site.

Special colour scheme
Cyel cultural centre in La Roche-sur-Yon, south of Nantes

The “Absinthe green” Vibrasto echoes the sound reverberation of the atrium. The “deep purple” Vibrasto acoustic curtains in the corridors and passageways foster silence. The “muted purple” Vibrasto that tightly clads the walls of the auditorium, envelops and absorbs the audience. These colours were specially manufactured, after dyed yarn samples had been checked.

Bespoke shapes

However complex the shapes and their array, Texaa has the experience to make acoustic clusters that fit to the millimetre, just as the designer drew them.

Artistic collaboration
Philippe Jacques

The artist spent two days in Texaa’s workshop stamping a black pattern on mustard yellow-coloured Aeria fabric.
The rhythmic acoustic interpretation of the repetition in the patterns and the accidents that occur, express one of the distinctive characteristics of Marjan Hessamfar and Joe Verons Architects’ work, who commissioned the unique painting
in the photo above.

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