Stretched as far as the eye can see



The old workshops of the naval arsenal in the Recouvrance quarter of the town that have been in disuse since 2004, have taken on a new lease of life. A modern urban development is coming to fruition, overlooking the River Penfeld. The François Mitterrand media library, which exceeds 10,000 square metres was inaugurated in 2017, ahead of future apartments and shops, a cinema, a business incubator and the National Street Arts Centre.

This vast building maintains reminders of its industrial past: a children’s slide has been installed alongside a gantry and an enormous kiln. The different activities of a modern digital media library – reading, study and games – have been housed on two levels with easy access from one to the other passing through a succession of scenes, atmospheres, lighting, materials and colours. Taking into account the size of the interior space, its height and the busy flow of visitors of very different types, the overall acoustic experience is surprisingly muted. “This media library is really a living area”, explains Élodie Boulogne, the Texaa®, account manager in Paris, “where most of the sections are open space, so it is essential to have a well-worked-out acoustic design. Canal, the architects, and their engineering solutions provider, ITAC Acoustique, are very familiar with our products’ performance. When Annie Le Bot contacted us, the acoustic issues had been very clearly identified and they had a very precise idea of what they expected from us in terms of materials and performance”.
Considering the vast areas to be handled and the different types of implementation, it was decided to use Vibrasto, stretched and anchored on the walls and ceilings.

The architects then requested details about the installation method and true to their obsession for precision, they supplied layout drawings of the wall and ceiling surfaces that took into account manufacturing constraints of the materials, the performances they required in each type of location and the visual effects they wanted to achieve in the building. They also designed Z-shaped partitions to isolate the different computer stations, and these were also covered with Vibrasto, which this time was glued, so that it adhered to the curves. “The architects were looking for a quite intense red ochre colour to stand out in the industrial setting of the premises. As we didn’t have this colour in our Texaa® range, we produced and knitted a special hue for the job. The finished installation looks superb”.

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±700 square metres of Vibrasto by Texaa®, stretched and anchored on walls and ceilings.
Special red ochre colour.
Client: Brest City Council.
Architects: Patrick Rubin and Annie Le Bot of Canal Architects, 2017.
Sound engineers: ITAC Acoustique.
Photos: Philippe Ruault, Annie Le Bot, Patrick Rubin.