Texaa® is an independent company with a staff of fifty-five, specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of acoustic materials. Our products all comprise a sound-absorbent foam within a layer of Aeria*, our sound transparent fabric available in a range of 22 colours. All our products are designed and manufactured near Bordeaux, and we follow them all the way, from knitting machine to final assembly. Texaa® has a team of specialist project managers, offering in-depth specialist knowledge of our products, of how they are manufactured and how they may be used in situ. They accompany individual projects, from the design table to the building site. All Texaa® products are highly durable. They are hardwearing. Our panels and objects may be repaired and returned to use. We are proud to offer an efficient product follow-up service and will, upon request, replace fabric claddings or removable covers which are over 20 years old.