Many highly demanding acoustic solutions use a product made by Texaa® today. Sometimes, an Aeria fabric covers a complex acoustic assembly. Its sound transparency enables the acoustic engineer to be sure that his/her design will work perfectly. Other times, a standard Vibrasto application is used to line a ceiling or a wall. Its proven finish makes it a fully reliable solution both for architects and interior designers and installers. In other circumstances, a suspended panel or object lends an ethereal feel to a decor. Texaa® was a pioneer in object-based acoustic solutions and has since made this technique a completely reliable resource. Acoustic comfort is Texaa®’s leading concern. A continuous stream of new materials, assemblies and shapes are designed and tested, before being brought to market, if their performance merits it.

Texaa® products absorb sound and decrease the reverberation time of the spaces in which they are used. Suddenly, speech becomes intelligible and the noisy commotion of a busy workplace becomes a comfortable sound environment in which it is pleasant to live and work.

The acoustic properties of our products are tested in our laboratories (two reverberating rooms). The full range of our products – panels, stretched fabrics and objects – are tested as per ISO 354 norm.

Test reports and full details are available for each product.