Aeria, our sound transparent fabric

38 years ago, Texaa® replaced Fatexaa with the aim of putting its long experience to good use by focussing on sound-permeable textiles. Over time, experimentation with materials and mesh structure produced different types of sound and light transparency. Today, Texaa® manufactures the Aeria family of textiles that areunique in the market. Their timeless appearance and simple implementation make them a very different proposition from non-textile sound-permeable decorative solutions. Their stain-free qualities and better fire safety also differentiate them from other decorative textiles.

Aeria* is our raw material, our hallmark, the fabric used to cover all Texaa® products. As a textile it is warm, sensuous and highly technically sophisticated. The meticulously designed open stitch in which Aeria is knitted makes it almost totally sound transparent. It is extremely fire resistant and is entirely non-dripping. Used in combination with other acoustic materials, it respects the exacting fire safety ratings demanded in ceiling construction. Aeria is the only decorative, fire resistant textile available which is also stain repellent.

*Aeria, our sound transparent textile with an exclusive Texaa® patent