“The owner of this house likes entertaining friends”, explains Bernard Demptos, the now retired founder of Texaa®, “but the dining room is a long, narrow, rectangular room overlooking the garden and echoed massively. When conversation livened up and the sound level rose, you couldn’t hear yourself speak!”
There was no real, easy solution to correct the problem. The low ceiling ruled out hanging acoustic panels, and no alteration could be allowed to upset the discrete charm of this classical yet very modern room. “At the time, Texaa® was developing a new version of its legendary product Vibrasto, and we thought that the 55-millimetre variant fitted to the ceiling could be a good idea. Because of the 55-millimetre thickness of the absorbent material, this solution provided an almost 100% sound damping effect, while encroaching very little on the volume of the room. And with its solid oak, butt-joined frame and cosy fabric, it suited the decor of the room perfectly. The effect achieved with the combination of a fine quality wood and textile improved the overall finish and level of comfort, while adding a stylish feel to the room.”

The textile chosen was the “grain de riz” knit with its distinctive texture which stands out even at a distance. It was installed by an upholsterer using the standard system consisting of L- or T-shaped battens, which make it easy to stretch the fabric and achieve a perfect, accurate finish.
Today, this acoustic solution appears to have always existed in the room and looks like a timeless fixture that is an inherent part of the decor. For technical reasons the Vibrasto solution leaves a 20-cm gap around the walls and in front of the doors and windows, which also creates a striking visual effect. And the guests were delighted! “The owner’s friends both enjoyed the solution’s appearance and the peace and quiet!”

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55-mm Vibrasto by Texaa® applied to the ceiling.
Aeria textile envelope, “grain de riz” finish, Ciment MGR700 colour.
Absorbent material: RI 50-mm panels.
Butt-joined solid oak frame.
Private house in Bordeaux, installed in 2017.