What to do with ceilings


Here is a selection of recent implementations involving our Strato product, which have provided effective solutions for complex challenges in the installation of modern ceilings.


Volumes intact at Technicolor, Paris

Architects: Studios Architecture

Technicolor Animation Productions, the specialist in digital images, wanted innovative workspaces for its employees. The interior design was entrusted to Studios Architecture, which develops all its projects around users’ experience. Strato breathing ceilings were implemented in the meeting rooms, production and relaxation areas. The canopies have made it possible to leave the volumes of this old Art Deco building intact. The use of sound-absorbing panels ensures excellent acoustics in the open areas. Studios Architecture finds that the textile surfaces also contribute to a unique feel.


Light and open walkways in FORA workspaces

Architects: Stiff + Trevillion

In this Soho coworking space, the architects highlighted the walkways with a succession of Gris Brun Strato panels. The textile canopy was preferred over a perforated metallic panel, which would have been colder and longer to install. The industrial structure of the building remains visible and MEP installations are easily accessed via integral hatches. The succession of panels with their associated lighting creates a pleasant effect of flowing movement.


Light and modern lines in Parisian offices

Architects: Lemoal&Lemoal, agence Octobre – Sonia Sifflet

Rather than closing the roof space off with 60cm-square ceiling tiles, the architects chose a Strato ceiling for its greater width and rectangular dimensions. It matches perfectly the streamlined dimensions of these fully refurbished offices. Sound-absorbing panels reduce acoustic reverberation from the concrete floors and filtering panels contribute transparency to light. Varying mesh patterns with lights sometimes positioned above the panels, sometimes below, produce varying ambiences of great subtlety.



Successful integration at The Black Tower Company in Montelimar, south-eastern France

This contemporary design that resembles a watchtower serves several purposes: storage and sales with offices located at the top. The owner liked Strato because of its material and ease of installation. Positioned in the middle of plaster ceilings, Strato provides spaces to breathe above the office areas, while concealing all MEP networks.


The purity of Strato at Moon Safari in Bordeaux

Architects: Moon Safari

Moon Safari Architects designed the third floor of its new city-centre premises in Bordeaux as a living area. Essentially a place to receive guests, it consists of a relaxation area and two large independent meeting rooms. Strato was chosen for these two rooms for its acoustic qualities and its transparency to light. The architects were looking for a very pure material that would create uniform surfaces, above which cables and ducts could be concealed without actually closing off the space.



ITV Daytime’s cosy islands

Architectes: MCM

ITV Daytime’s new London building has been designed with circular floors that produce very attractive volumes. One of them, where guests are welcomed, features Strato canopies that give the impression of separate areas without actually delimiting them. All MEP systems are visible and highlighted in bright blue, which contrasts with the Nacre (mother of pearl) colour of the textile. The open mesh lets halos of subdued light through, bathing each island in intimacy.


Photos: Elodie Dupuis, Hervé Abbadie, Sylvaine Poitau, Erick Saillet, Ivan Mathie,
Franck Socha, Philippe Ruault